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Project Description
The original iFinity Friendly Url Provider for DotNetNuke. This extension is used to improve the standard Urls in DotNetNuke.

PLEASE NOTE : With the release of 7.1 of DNN Platform, this project is effectively redundant. DNN 7.1 Advanced Urls provide all of the functionality that this project has.

The project is no longer updated and there will be no further releases. The information, source and downloads are kept here for those still using older versions of DNN.

The iFinity Friendly Url Provider is a replacement http module for the standard DotNetNuke Url Rewriter/Friendly Url Provider.

The iFinity Friendly Url Provider has these features:
- removes the /tabid/xx and /default.aspx from all DNN Urls
- can issue a 301 redirect for duplicate DNN Urls (such as /default.aspx?tabid=xx and /tabid/xx/default.aspx)
- can insert a hyphen into Urls where the page name has a space in it.

Note this is not a module installed through the DotNetNuke extensions wizard. It must be manually installed and configured on the site.

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